Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SGI gives corporations peace of mind

In the article “The Battle to Protect Confidential Data,” Silicon Graphics International, SGI, is a company that uses supercomputer technology to secure corporate networks.  SGI is working with many companies to protect their product designs, financial information, trade secrets and other valuable documents from hackers and thieves. Corporations are working with SGI because it will give them peace of mind that there ideas won’t be stolen. Corporations have to be careful because thieves are not always from the outside, sometimes they are your current employees.
Corporate insiders are often the biggest risk to a company because they are the people in constant contact with confidential information. Who is to say that one of your employees isn’t planning to leave your company to join your competitor, or start their own business? Your employees loyalty can be easily swayed, if it is has their best interest involved. They can be a part of a bribe, which will reward them with a lot of money if they relay confidential information to your competitor.  Along with employees, mobile devices can also be a threat to corporations. Many companies have a “bring your own device” policy. It used to be, that employees would have a work phone as well as a personal phone, but that often got too confusing. If data was on your personal phone and you needed to get it transferred to your work phone, it was a tedious process. Having just one phone will allow for employees to work more sufficiently in the work place. Having confidential files on your mobile phone can be seen as a problem. It makes it that much easier for someone who is looking to switch to their current company’s competitor, to be able to relay the data to them in a meeting spot in just seconds.  A mobile phone is small, and always with you; this is a major problem because it increases the risk of a person losing their phone. If the phone with a corporations confidential information is put into the wrong hands, that can be detrimental to the company.
SGI has the technology to erase all corporate data, if a phone is lost or if an employee resigns, in just seconds. Encryption is another security action that is being used by major corporations. They will encrypt emails with top secret information so that the recipient has to have a secure login code and password to access the email. SGI’s security doesn’t stop at encryption, they also are able to install document tracking software that can tell who accessed certain files without authorization. It also is able to send out red flags when employees are behaving unusual. When a major corporation hires a new employee, it is often required that the employee signs a nondisclosure agreement. This is a contract in which the employee promises to protect the confidentiality of secret information during employment and even after they leave the company. I feel that SGI is a necessary, preventative action that major corporations should use in order to protect their confidential information. It will not only allow them to protect their ideas but it will also allow them peace of mind.

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