Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Beam of Light for Telecommunications

               The “Beam” is a telecommunication innovation known as a “remote presence system.” The beam allows an outside operator to control a “beam” to move around an office with the operators live-face on screen. The operator can communicate in live time with the office it is interacting in and has an array of radios, microphones, and cameras to make sure the operator can navigate the beam precisely, and take in the atmosphere of the work environment from a remote location. 

               The introduction of Beam is an asset to all persons in every market. The reasoning for its extraordinary value lies in the time that it saves. The beam will eliminate the need to travel to a different floor, building, street, district, city, state, or country. The beam’s responsive sensory tools allows the operator to feel the realistic nature of an environment and respond efficiently as if they were there themselves.  The travel time saved holds unprecedented advantages to business in its entirety. 

               An example of a business that would benefit from the Beam is a hospital. Hospitals’ are responsible with interconnecting admitted patients with the various medical technicians, nurses, doctors, surgeons, and specialists. From a general standpoint, the overload of patients puts a strain on doctors and nurses. The staff is presented with a time problem and a germ problem. Most patients worry about getting the proper amount of attention from a doctor in order to receive the correct diagnose and treatment, picking up another sickness from other patients, and receiving the best knowledge on treatment options from specialists. Beam compensates for all these normal worries for patients. A beam will allow doctors to evaluate and visit patients from the comfort of their office. Health conditions of the hospital will improve with  less exposure between patient to patient and nurse/doctor to patient. The decrease in exposure will make hospitals cleaner and safer. The greatest advantage of the beam in hospitals is the interconnection between patients all over the world to experts and specialists. The right diagnoses and improved health environment in hospitals will improve efficiency and accuracy in diagnosis and treatment which will decrease malpractice lawsuits and mortality rates. The price of malpractice suits, misdiagnosis procedures, and wasted medical supplies and medicines far outweigh the price of a task-force of beams. 

           Although producing an array of upsides, one has to wonder the time it will take for people to be trained to install, maneuver, and incorporate Beams into their company. The price of one beam($16,000) may be practical for a large hospital, but for small time businesses may feel differently. The idea of a beam is step in the right direction for further developing telecommunication for big businesses, but its impractical for households and small businesses to invest at this point. 

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