Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tablet Effect on PC

Tablet v Laptop

    I recently have come across an article written in Time Magazine titled, The Tablet Story Is Getting Strong. Basically, the author, Ben Bajarin was speaking of the importance and effect of tablets in the technological industry. Although Apple may have started this boom of a reinvention of the personal computer, Samsung and Microsoft are not far behind. Bajarin tell us that people believed that the tablets were just a fad, but the market is adopting tablets faster than any other electronic in the history of the industry. The companies are exploring with myriad hardware and software to find the best fit for the consumer. Bajarin believes the tablet is changing the role of the traditional PC, in turn leading to an interesting future of development for personal computers. 
Apple’s introduction of the iPad was very beneficial for the company, selling 14.8 million within the first year. In the same year, Mac sold nearly 13 million computers. Within the first year of the release of the first tablet, the industry had only had a glimpse at what was to come. Because of these statistics, the author believes the tablet is on its way to replace the personal computer. Even though the numbers help Bajarin’s beliefs, I have to disagree.
        The talk of tablets is everywhere; you can not avoid it. But, I have asked family and friends about their opinions on the impact of the tablet. I found that they are all in agreement with me by saying the tablet is simply a supplement to a laptop. Yes, it may be easier to take a tablet on a plane, check emails or may even more pleasurable, but it does not have nearly all of the capabilities of a laptop computer. When it comes to doing work, searching on the internet, checking social media sites, it is all more efficient on a PC. The tablet is more of a “to-go” type of product, but how often are people on the go and in need of the usage technology? Being an owner of both a laptop and a tablet, I find myself rarely using the tablet unless I am playing Fruit Ninja or Temple Run. Yes, in the gaming aspect tablets are great and will continue to be. These high-tech devices are and will continue to make an impact on the gaming industry, but as for everything else, I believe it is just a temporary substitute.   
Companies such as Samsung, Microsoft and Apple may all be working on the perfection of this new “toy.” The product is still in its “infant” stage. So as of now, the tablet has not taken place of the PC, but who is to say what it will be in the future. With the advancement of the hardware and software, in twenty years it very may replace the laptop. As of now, the tablet is just cannibalism of the current PC market.
While doing some research on the impact of the tablet. I came across videos on YouTube with arguments of why and why not the tablet is better than the PC. This is a very debatable topic, so watch the videos, read the article or do other research and let me know what you think! 
Let's Go Tablets!

Let's Go Laptops!




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