Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NFC's in Grocery Stores and More!

Envision a futuristic grocery store where you touch an item with your phone and find out the price, nutrition facts, the item’s commercial, and any sales going on. Then when you check out you simply touch your phone and everything is paid for. Casino group, a French supermarket chain, is making this reality today utilizing NFC’s. At Paris’s largest Casino supermarket they have installed an NFC system. You simply touch all of the items and it goes into your cart. You then pay as you leave. They then take this one step further. When you see an advertisement on the subway or bus and think to yourself “I want that item when I go to the grocery store”, but then you get their and forget. Now, with Casino’s advertisements, you simply touch the advertisement with your smartphone and it is instantly added to your cart when you go to the grocery store. Casino is utilizing NFC’s in ways never thought of before. (NFC in use)

The NFC system installed by Casino is revolutionary. This system can make your grocery store experience so much better. With everybody just touching to check out there will be no more lines in stores. The information given when you touch an item includes allergy information. This can help save those with allergies a lot of time in stores. Before you check out you can simply browse through your cart and eliminate items that you do not want.
The information provided could also help the grocery store advertise to your needs. If they go through your previous orders they can see what you buy and create deals to fit what you buy at the store. The NFC advertisements are a great way to create a grocery list for when you go to the store. This can also help make companies that make the products extra money. It will entice buyers to try products more than a typical advertisement would.
The downside to this system is that it costs a lot of money to install and maintain. Furthermore, if the system breaks you would have to go back to the old way and would inconvenience many people. Another downside is that not all phones have NFC in them. Not all people could then use the system anyway. The new iPhone 5 does not have an NFC system in it. An article on explained that apple did not believe it was time to use NFC yet, which is why they did not include it in the new iPhone model.
I believe this system could be revolutionary but it would need cooperation from phone companies, advertising companies and stores. This may take many years to perfect. If other companies used NFC’s in their advertisements then they could sell more products. Perhaps they could take this one step further. If a person touched the advertisement it could buy and place the order for delivery to a person’s house. For example if someone saw shoes they liked they could just touch it and it would be at their house in a few days.

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  1. I think that NFC is awesome! I wish we had it here in Baltimore! Apple says that they do not think that NFC should be used yet, but I think they are wrong. All technology has to start somewhere, and eventually it will grow into something big. I doubt people thought it was necessary to have a camera on a cellphone, but now it is a necesity. If groceries store start implementing this program within each store, the phone and advertising companies will be forced to cooperate. This is something that will attract customers, and if companies want to keep customers, they need to develop and cooperate with the new technology. Technology is growing everyday, people have to realize that. The new systems in select stores may be unfamiliar and bizarre to us now, but in ten year, it will be normal, part of our everyday lives. The world is changing.
    Also, people value there time, and this system will help them save it. I hate going to the grocery store, but this revolutionary invention makes me excited about food shopping, or really any shopping at all. Although it is very costly to install and maintain , I think that the stores will end in profit, because people will seem them as "in" or "hip". No one is going to go to the local food store when one ten minutes away has this system. In my opinion, I think that companies need to realize that this technology is the future. This is what people will begin to expect. This system is a great way to show society what is to come.