Thursday, October 4, 2012

Decision Making System in Use For Fleets

AWT (Applied Weather Technology), a leader in shore based ship routing services, announced their new software; the Fleet Decision Support System. The new system is designed to improve efficiency and safety. It is also designed to reduce the cost of shipping. Companies can make quick informed decisions with this new software because the system is very versatile. It can be customized for the each company and fleet size. Furthermore, the Fleet DSS can compare trips by different boats or similar boats to see which are more cost efficient. The system also helps boats while they are on the water. They alert vessels of harsh weather, and even if there is a pirate attack in the area. The system also predicts waters with bigger waves, and glacier to warn the captain of possible impending disaster.
(Image of Fleet DSS in Use)
            This system can help many shipping companies maintain control of their fleets while lowering costs and managing risks. If a boat can avoid bad areas they are less likely to be pirated, sunk, and are more likely to arrive on time. The Fleet DSS also addresses overconsumption of fuel and makes shipping runs more efficient. The cost of this system may be great but it will save costs in the long run.
           Although it will save costs in the long run, is the initial cost too high? Purchasing the system would cost a lot to buy from the start. Then, there would be the additional cost of installing it on all of the ships and company computers. You would also need to hire a new tech expert to keep the system running and make any necessary changes. If the company grows or shrinks then the system will have to grow or shrink. The company would then have to hire more people to keep the system up to date. The captains of each vessel would also need to be trained with the new system in order to use it properly.
            To determine if the system is worth the investment would depend on the price tag that AWT puts on it. If the cost is not too great many shipping companies would buy in this system. It has many parts that make this system very useful for all companies tracking shipments that have their own fleet.
            Perhaps this system could be implemented for all ships to track their whereabouts, storms, glaciers, and their gas consumptions. This program could be modified and used with fishing fleets. The vessels could then avoid hazardous things and companies could track the vessels whereabouts. Perhaps a simpler version could be made for use in non-commercial boats. Those sailing far distances would find this system very useful. The implications for this new decision support system in the boating world are endless. If AWT modifies the system they could sell it for all boats. This would put their research and production investment too much more use, and thus making them more money.

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